Repair & Cleaning Services


ORA-C pieces are handmade and therefore to be handled with care. If your jewelry needs a bit of love after it underwent damages, needs to replace a stone, needs re-plating or shows major tarnishing due to wear and exposure to the elements, I will be happy to help you maintain your piece as long as possible!

I proudly provide free professional cleaning services for all ORA-C pieces (only). As for the cost of any repair services, it will be determined on a case by case basis. For all maintenance requests or questions please contact me directly at

Note that to be cleaned or repaired, all pieces are to be brought to or mailed to the ORA-C studio in Montreal. If you need to ship your piece over you will be responsible for the costs of both way shipping.


When shipping back to ORA-C, please AVOID using UPS or Fedex. Local services such as USPS or Canada Post are more affordable and usually pretty reliable. When shipping from the US or internationally, ALWAYS mention in your customs form that your reason of export is a "RETURN" or "REPAIR" (not "sale of good"). That will avoid unnecessary customs fees on my end to receive your piece, and therefore provide you with a smooth and hassle-free service.